With the different versions of the much awaited Windows 7 from Microsoft, it makes simple Windows users like us wonder what we’d have to go through just to be able to take that step of a supposedly much better OS. After all, Microsoft has been pushing us to tag along the upgrade train, like when they phased out the XP from stores during the Vista era. We could at least be assured a comfortable ride.

While things aren’t really all that clear yet, one thing is for sure: those who are using Windows Vista or XP can be assured of being able to upgrade right from your present Windows with a much appreciated discount. But the manner of upgrading will obviously vary from version to version.

Vista Home Premium, Vista Business and Vista Ultimate users are shoe-ins for an easy upgrade, as you can directly upgrade to Windows 7 while retaining present features and settings and gaining the exclusive ones from the new system. So far, other Vista users and Windows XP users will have to re-install their Windows, which means losing files and everything. But if the upgrade is worth it; why not?

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