In case you haven’t heard, it’s been months since Valve officially started work on bringing its famous PC gaming platform to Linux. While there are other platforms such as Desura and Windows Games for Live, Steam has been recognized by fans as rising to the top and setting the bar for PC gaming. With its huge community, friendliness modders, the rich array of features and its infamous Steam Sales, Valve is the clear winner in the PC gaming war.
In a mission to bring the platform to more people and possibly to kill the perception of Macs not being for gamers, Valve announced their support of Mac OS X. One of the first games supported was Left 4 Dead 2, my personal favorite Valve game. When this happened, the first thought for all of us penguins-lovers was when Linux would get some love for Valve. Two years later, we got our answer.

Valve has recently announced on their Linux development blog that they would be starting a beta to test Steam on Ubuntu. Soon, 1000 Precise Pangolins and Quantal Quetzals (those are Linux operating systems, grandpa) will be running the Steam client along with Left 4 Dead 2. Valve said that they only want experienced Linux users to join the beta. Sorry casual Ubuntu users, your time will come. I’m no Linux beard myself, but I think I have enough peach fuzz to give this beta a run.

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