No doubt by now you’ve heard of General Petreaus’ scandal. I won’t go on about the details but it got me thinking about my email security. As someone who uses the internet for business transactions and important information exchange, this got me concerned about my security. If his email could be compromised, what chance do I have? Thanks to a recent security upgrade in the email system I use called SSL Post, I can regain that peace of mind.

What’s Secure Email?

Well since you’re a savvy computer user, you already know that SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a common means of keeping your information secure when sent over networks. SSL Post is the solution for securing and encrypting your emails. These days hackers are becoming more proficient. If you make a habit of sending sensitive data over the internet, it may no longer be enough to simply send and just hope that it stays between you and the recipient. Secure mail providers like SSL Post knows this and is ready to protect you and your valuable data.

Who Should Use Secure Email?

Systems in a broad range of industries use secure email services. Accountants, payroll processors and FSA-regulated businesses all have similar systems to help protect their data. All of these and more trust Secure email systems keep their data safe. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t too.

How Much Does It Cost?

Relax, you can loosen the grip on your wallet. Signing up for the service won’t put your profits at risk. Companies like SSL Post have a number of different packages to meet your specific needs. The cheapest package lets you encrypt up to 6,000 emails, with the highest having no limit. The levels for SSL Email are Private, Professional and Enterprise. This system makes it easy to find the plan best suited for your endeavors.

Now that you have heard about the services and what it does you may want to consider using a secure email service after all these days email is the new mail and most of our daily communication is done through it. Having a services like this or similar might save you a few headaches down the road.

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