The direct sequel to the 2011 release of Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, Skylanders: Giants builds upon the original game’s mechanics and elements while delivering an expansive gameplay experience that’s all its own. What makes Skylanders: Giants so unique is that it blends cross-platform toy figures with the virtual game world, allowing gamers to customize and collect a variety of their favorite toy figures that interact and impact the video game world.

Key aspects in Skylanders: Giants include:

  • Huge variety of collectible toy characters
  • Unique interactivity between physical figures and the virtual world
  • Expansive and enhanced gameplay features including Elemental Zones and Hero Challenges
  • Co-operative and competitive online play
  • Every character has their own unique elemental abilities, stats, and skills to level up
  • Blends toy collectibles with video games to deliver a satisfying and fun experience

This idea is a perfect fit for all kids and combines the entertaining world of video games with the age-old past-time of playing with toys. There are over 40 new collectible figures, many of which are giant-sized and bigger than other figures. These particular behemoths are stronger than the other characters and have colossal strengths and abilities that reflect their larger scale.

Also featured in the toys is new interactive light technology that allows the base of the figures to light up when in contact to the “Portal of Power”. Additionally, gamers can export their progress from the first game into Skylanders: Giants to keep all their old data and continue their adventure!

Skylanders: Giants features online co-operative play as well as player-versus-player competitive action, as well as new enhanced Elemental Zones, Hero Challenges, and a variety of additional elements that give bonuses to players who collect and level up every character in the game.

Skylanders: Giants is now available for a variety of consoles including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac, Nintendo Wii, 3DS, and coming soon to Nintendo’s new WiiU console! For more information please visit the official Skylanders website.


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