With the release of the iPhone 5 and the imminent release of the iPod touch 5th generation, I thought it’d be a good time to talk about the iphone cases you’ll be buying since your old cases will no longer fit.

When it comes to cases, there are quite a lot to choose from. First of all, you have the sleek invisible shields. These cover the oh-so-delicate screen of your Apple device to protect it from scratches, dents, and any other blemishes that a careless owner might cast upon it. To be frank, you don’t have to be careless to damage your device as there are simple accidents that can you will regret. That’s what shields are for, to protect your screen from those accidents and are highly recommended for your new Apple product.

Another item you can buy is of course the cases themselves. Cases aren’t entirely necessary, they are completely optional, but do provide some good benefits if you have a little loose cash. Many people (including myself) do not like the thought of having any sort of blemish on a product they spent very good money on. Cases come in here where they protect the back of your phone or iPod from any unsightly scratches. While that was the original function of cases, they are no longer sole purpose as these days most people buy cases for the stylish designs and unique flavor they can add to their device. Just going into the mall the other day, there are entire kiosks dedicated to selling iPhone cases, ranging from the glitzy-sparkly to the simple outdoorsy. If you are in the mood for having your phone or iPod looking unique and different than everyone else, cases can be the solution for you.

Cases have even more uses than just fashion and protection. Take the iPhone 4 Death Grip incident. Many of you out there may have large hands or an actual death grip, but we don’t discriminate. We’re here to help. Hopefully, with your iPhone 5 there won’t be the problem of blocking your antenna considering the added length to the device. But in the sad case (no pun intended) that you do, just know Apple will be there to bring you some more Bumper Cases.

Whether it be for protection or fashion, cases and shields for your Apple product has a purpose for everyone so with the release of the iPhone 5 and the coming release of the iPod touch 5, go out now and sell your cases and be ready to replace them come time to buy your new Apple device.

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