Welcome, reader. Let me guess, you’re a young (or young at heart) professional. How do I know that? It’s not important. What else do I know? I can tell that not too far away you have a pen. A black Bic ballpoint on your right. Don’t ask me how I know this, it’s not important. Don’t be scared, you’re a friend here. You may or may not be embarrassed by your choice in pen, but we both know that you can do better. May I suggest the Sheaffer Intensity Ballpoint Pen?

I came across the Sheaffer while browsing Viking Direct’s website for office supplies. The Intensity is described with the wonderful alliteration of passion and power personified. One look at this fine product and I already agree. Just take a moment to soak in all of its beauty. It has a chrome plate trim that complements its illustrious design. Where else have you seen such an elegant ballpoint pen? This is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Imagine yourself with the Sheaffer Intensity, furiously writing an important letter to your senator. Envision signing an important contract that takes your career to the next level. It really is passion and power personified. If there is any pen worthy enough to leave your signature, it is this one.

Now that I’ve convinced you, it’s about time you go and order one– or three. Christmas is on its way, you know. I’m sure that there’s more than a few loved ones who would be ecstatic to find this in their stocking. Happy shopping, happy writing and happy holidays (what? You can never start thinking about that too early).

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