Recently purchased the new psp 3000 unit to be disappointed that it could not be Hacked or firmware upgraded to play games from the memory stick. Apparently there is no real hack on the market yet for the psp 3000 unit (read about datel lite blue hack) which apparently doesn’t hack the machine but brings it to a point where you can downgrade the firmware. Dont get us wrong, we love to support the video game industry here, but at this point even the games we own from our old psp cannot be backed up and put on the memory stick for play. Why is this so important? first off the battery life when played from memory stick is more then twice the time when playing from the CD carriage.

This brings us to the point of Free PSP 3000 game downloads, we all know those sites exist claiming to have thousands of free games, movies and theme downloads for 30-40$ USD unlimited access for life. but knowing that the PSP 3000 is not hckable and cannot play backed up games from the memory stick will the games downloaded from these sites work on the new psp 3000? We emailed a few of these sites including and only got a boxed answer claiming that they have thousands of games for download. Anyone have experience with the new psp 3000 and the download sites?

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