We’ve talked about Ballistic publishing here before on The Technology Blog. If you haven’t had the pleasure to read those articles, Ballistic is a publisher which specializes in bringing out amazing art books. Especially famous are the company’s video game art books for series such as Uncharted, God of War and Gears of War. Ballistic really has a talent for bringing digital art to life in the form of excellent physical books. In addition to the aforementioned  installments, Ballistic has also come out with a new book: Elemental 2: The World’s Best Autodesk Art.

This book is a collection of art from the desktop creative program, Autodesk. This is a wonderful gallery of digital art that has been collected through the years including works of animation, game design, visual effects, architecture and more. If you are an aspiring game designer or just a game enthusiast you will really appreciate the art in this book. You can look to this book for inspiration or to take a look at what you want to aspire to in your career.

If you are looking to be part of the huge and still growing graphic arts and design industry, this is really worth checking out. The Ballistic books give a great insight on the design process. There are many examples of the design process not only in Elemental 2, but other books by Ballistic. Ballistic loves to show bits and pieces of the process in its publications. This book can also help you by showing what kind of great work can be done using the Autodesk program. If you are a game designer, it may convince you to add the program to your list of creative tools. Even if design isn’t your thing,  Elemental 2 is still a great book to check out. Everyday people–not just professional graphic designers or gamers–can enjoy this. “Coffee table books” are really popular these days, and for good reason. Even if people don’t have a huge investment in the medium or industry, they still like to look at good pieces of art. It’s something that everyone can enjoy and even start a few conversations.

Pricing for Elemental 2 come in 2 different variations. You can get the Hard Cover for $75 USD or the Limited Edition for $170. Most of us will be really happy with the hard cover edition but for the serious Autodesk art fan and book collector, the Limited edition is available in a hand bound black leather and silver embossed lettering. Each Limited edition book also comes signed by the editors with a certificate of authenticity.


  • Autodesk art-lovers will love this book
  • 187 pages of awesome design and imagery to look at
  • Can preview all the pages on the website before buying
  • Well priced with a very successful series


  • We would have liked to see even more pages
  • Dates of creation on each piece of art would have been nice
  • A little more commentary on each piece by the author would have enhanced the background of the art

Score: 9.5/10

You can check out the entire book and order at the ballistic publishing website.

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