Blizzard Entertainment does it again with Diablo III, the latest in a series that has received fantastic reviews from gameplayers. The latest release features two new character classes including the Barbarian, and brings back some of our favorites characters from Diablo II.

The release is this week, so be ready to see what all the buzz is about! Check out the official website, and maybe even join a fanclub!

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3 Responses to Diablo III has Arrived!

  1. Postman says:

    I heard that the Necromancer would be having a come back too. I couldn’t think of having Diablo 3 without him.

    What I don’t like about this new game is that they have change the environment and thus has become more of a cartoon. They have lighted those dark spot. They have been receiving a lot of complaints regarding this. I just hope that they would change it back to the dark environment. Gamers are already used to that environment.

  2. Froix says:

    Indeed! Diablo III cinematic previews, gameplay previews and all the hype has arrived but unfortunately the game itself hasn’t. Like SC2, this has not been given a release date yet. Might be too much to hope for a Christmas release. Still I’ve seen the trailers and it’s looking awesome.

  3. molly00000 says:

    They are claiming to provide new customization options and a new graphics engine that can display characters and hordes of monsters in lush, fully 3D environments. As postman said, i am also used to the dark environment and i wont get the actual feel if they would change the environment.

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