At Midnight Tuesday night, the Canadian Do Not Call (DNC) List began accepting sign ups.  And even though authorities had expected more than 50% of the nation’s eligible callers would sign up over the next two years, they were caught completely off guard by the sudden rushes of applicants.  Phone-in applicants totaled more than 2230,00, but an estimated 1 million tried to call in to the over worked and under-managed lines.  Meanwhile, the official website for the Canadian DNC list had overloaded and crashed by 9am, although it was returned to service sometime later.

The DNC List is operating by Bell Canada, who struggled to get equipment on track as the calls came flooding in.  THe irony was that even though most Canadians were expected to sign up, no one had anticipated how popular the service would be its first day in operation.


Be warned however, that once you are signed up for the DNC List, it may still take up to 31 days before you stop getting calls, and some rganizations will be exempt, and may continue calling even after your phone number has been added to the list.

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