Recently we were lucky enough to get our hands on a Breffo Spider Podium Stand courtesy of our friends from

To give you a brief history of this neat little product it all started on the 2011, 7th season of the apprentice where the apprentice teams where in France and had to pick two British Designed products from a selection of the top 10 UK designs of the year, and then sell these into major retail outlets. The managing director, Patrick Mathews pitched the spider podium to the teams and the rest is history.

So moving along to the product, it is duped as being a universal and adjustable tablet stand and as the name suggest it looks like a black spider. The idea of this universal stand is its bendable and movable joints that are supposed to fit and hold your tablet in any angle or position you want (vertical or horizontal). So we put this to the test with both an ipad 2 and a thinkpad tablet 2.

The Build
The build of the spider stand is a thick wire covered in silicon with bendable joints starting at about 3.5cm and getting smaller as you move away from the center of the spider. Overall the bendability is good and the stand seems very rugged and strong.. only time will tell with the bendable arms how long they will last.

Actual Use
So the concept is really simple, bend a bunch of the arms around your tablet and use the other ones as the support/stand. This worked well for both the ipad 2 and the thinkpad tablet 2 in various positions. Note that it does take some tinkering to get it right and to get the stand to sit on a level angle but lets just say this anyone with a thinkpad tablet 2 that bought the official Lenovo case knows that the angles on that thing are horrible for watching movies etc.. this is corrected by the Spider Overall the use once we get all the arms bent the right way the functionality was pretty good.

The Final Word
Overall we found the Breffo spider to be handy around the house, on the desk and any type of table however packing this guy with you for road trips is probably a no go it seems cumbersome to pack and or take along with your tablet. The price is pretty much in line with any other name brand case/holder but for a stationary unit that you cant really take on the road it might be a tad pricey. The images in this review where from the Breffo website.


  • Good construction
  • Universal
  • Multiple and adjustable angles
  • Can be used as a display spider when not being used


  • Price can be a bit lower
  • Not good for travel or mobility
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