I remember when I first started using CDs and DVDs. I got my first laptop for Christmas along with 100 of each disc. But of course, thanks to the cloud, streaming and my 2 TB external hard drive, I barely use them anymore. Manufacturers have started to leave out disc drives in the last couple of years because people would rather go without and have a thinner laptop. In the next three years, FujiFilm just might change that.
FujiFilm announced that they expect 1TB optical discs to be a reality by 2015. To put that into perspective, that’s as much as 20 Blu-Ray discs. These monsters will even be cheaper to make than Blu-Ray. Fuji-Film uses two-photon absorption to achieve this. If you don’t know what that means, don’t feel bad. They have pictures.
What does this mean for the future of storage? Well, we might see a resurgence in physical media and a huge dropoff in the external hard drive market. Buying a pack of these new discs would cost maybe 1/7 of what I paid for my drive, while being able to store many times as much. Why spend over a hundred dollars on a big and heavy hard drive when you could get a nice disc for a fraction of the price? If you want more info on the new technology, hop over here. It goes more in depth of the science of the disc.

2 Responses to 1 Terabyte Discs in the Future?

  1. sara says:

    Great updates you have. 1 terabyte disk would be amazing. but the thing is the surface should be strong enough to handle dust and water. old cd and dvds has issues with little scratches. this terabyte disk should be waterproofing. Thanks http://www.techreviewtime.com/

  2. That’s an interesting insight. I hadn’t thought of how the physical durability might differ from current optical discs.

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